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Work in Progress image for “TINSUITS” #2 .

Work in Progress image for “TINSUITS” #2.


News & Updates

Keep up with all the latest News and Events going on with Invisible Ink Studio. Posts about exhibitions and comic cons, as well as some personal notes on getting started, developing a craft, and excelling and enjoying what you do. Find theories and guides on Panel and Page layout, World building, and tips and tricks for writing exciting stories and engaging plots. Plus, sneak-peeks at all the newest artwork and comics coming out soon.


Artwork + Prints

Discover all the latest Artwork Prints available for purchase through my Etsy store.

La Procesion”. Digital artwork. 2018.

Cover for “ Master & Apprentice ” #1 (2015)

Cover for “Master & Apprentice” #1 (2015)


Sequential Artwork (Comics)

Find the various Comics I’ve worked on over the years, featuring collaborative titles like “Tinsuits” as well as my own self-published works “Master & Apprentice”.



Find examples of the many different kinds of Commissions I’ve done over the past years, from Event Memorabilia, Record Cover artwork, Event Banners, to Product Label Design.

“ Voyage of the Investigator , 2016”. Digital Art Commission. 2016

Voyage of the Investigator, 2016”. Digital Art Commission. 2016