Master   &   Apprentice

This is the most recent/current project I am working on.  This is my first solo project, and has served as the flagship of my portfolio.  It has since lead to a number of other great projects featured at Invisible Ink Studio.  At first, it started as a 5-page audition for a project that was brought to my attention in 2015.  After learning that the writer had already found another artist, it pretty much fizzled into dormancy.  However, the more I looked at these two characters, I began to see a fantastical world ready to be explored, and an opportunity to tell my own story. And now, here we are…

Master & Apprentice is somewhat born out of a "wake-up call".  At the time, I was simply looking for a way to show that I could write and draw a comic. The results of which have been good (see Tinsuits , and The Trial of Socrates). But this project is now much more than a “calling card.” The idea behind Master & Apprentice is to tell a story that celebrates the adventure, magic, and the danger of discovery. Much like academics at universities or scientists in a lab, these Magicians and Alchemists strive to learn about the past, understand the metaphysics of the aether, and educate and train the future of the discipline. They are also tasked with finding, understanding, and controlling the arcane items and devices presently created or lost through out history, as sorcery is not something to be left in the fickle, ill-tempered hands of everyday people.

The story that will be unfolding follows the adventures of Apprentice Hamzah, who must prove his skill, wit, and tenacity for survival. But more importantly, he must learn just what it means to be a Master of Sorcaeri, that its not all about spell craft, alchemy, and developing your own astral, but being able to discover answers in a world that offers few.

The first chapter is collected in its entirety here, as well as a 10-page preview of Ch. 2. Enjoy.

Master & Apprentice Ch.1

(Full Comic Preview, FREE!)

“The Breath of the Dragon.”