Master   &   Apprentice

This is the most recent/current project I am working on.  This was my first solo project, and at the time served as the flagship of my portfolio.  It has since lead to a number of other great projects featured at Invisible Ink Studio.  At first, it started as a 5-page audition for a project that was brought to my attention over a year ago.  Upon learning that the writer had already found another artist, it pretty much fizzled into dormancy.  Until now...

Master & Apprentice is somewhat born out of a "wake-up call".  When I hurriedly tried to assemble five measly pages for a writer holding open auditions a year ago.  It became apparent just how unprepared for being a working artist I was.  Albeit, I had the three web shorts, digitised and ready to submit to just about anyone at any time.  But it wasn't that.  I didn't have the confidence of having my "sh*t" together.  I had no website of my own to exhibit my artwork with.  I had nothing in the way of a business plan to represent myself once engaged as a working artist.  I hardly had any recent artwork to show off.  In short, I didn't have a leg to stand on, despite whatever fantasy of being an artist I had.  

And so, within the year, I quit my day job, set up this website, and got busy on something NEW.  What you'll soon read is the culmination of many lessons learned.  Learned the hard way., and still learning.  This is the first issue of what I hope to be many, many more.  For now, read on and enjoy. 

Part II of Master & Apprentice #1 (gallery below).