Master & Apprentice, Ch. 2 BEGINS!

Master & Apprentice, Ch. 2 BEGINS!

The long wait is over...

Well, perhaps you haven't really been waiting in anticipation as I would hope.  But nonetheless, the story FINALLY continues and should be available in late 2018.  

The long wait is in due part to the success the first chapter produced way back in 2015.  Since it has been used as my "calling card", it has attracted the attention and commission of numerous writers and enthusiasts, which was the initial purpose of the comic.  However, since doing a few other projects (a few demos, Tinsuits, and now The Trail of Socrates), and not to mention the slew of Art Prints, I have had very little time to work on the second chapter.  

Now, however, I have made it a top priority this year.  Being able to juggle numerous commissions and comic projects simply is becoming a fact of life, and if things are to proceed at all, the time and effort must be made.  The life of an artist has never been one of opulence or ease, but if pursued with diligence, it occasionally can offer fleeting moments of glory.

For now, enjoy a few snap shots of the character sketches, and a few pages, already drawn out!  Check back for occasional updates...