Cover art by Steven Stahlberg.

Cover art by Steven Stahlberg.


Polis: The Trial of Socrates, Pt. I

Get excited, Australia! “Polis: the Trial of Socrates, Pt. I” is here and in print! For a limited time, Invisible Ink Studio has this 60-page Graphic Novel available for purchase. Written by Jave Galt-Miller, with artwork by yours truly, and color and effects by the extraordinary Andrei Tabacaru.

After their defeat at the hands of the Spartans during the Pelopennesian War, Athens’ rulers were disposed into exile, and a puppet government known as the “Thirty Tyrants” ruled in their place. In Part I, a young Plato must determine where his true allegiances lie, while Socrates’ dangerous ideas threaten to get him in trouble with those in power.

Own the first epic instalment now for only $20.oo, with free shipping anywhere in Australia (only). Supplies are limited - so get your copy now!

POLIS: Trial of Socrates, Pt.I