Sequential Art.

Also known as Comics.

Scene from “Master & Apprentice #2”.

I have been doing sequential art for over 8 years now, and improving with each new project.  Here are a few of the most recent, and most successful, projects I've worked on.  Tinsuits and Master & Apprentice are two continuing projects, each with a second chapter in the works.  Also, you can find some of my older stuff, such as the Last Ditch Attempt Detective short web comics I did with friend and writer, Ricky Chavez.  Comics are my passion, and is what I strive for here at Invisible Ink Studio.  


Polis: Trial of Socrates, Part I

60-page Graphic novel written by Jave Galt-Miller and colored by Andrei Tabacaru. A historical fiction story that depicts the political events that leads to the Trial of one of Western society’s greatest minds.


Master & Apprentice

This is the first solo project I did that started first as a portfolio piece and then developed into a full, 26-page comic. The story and characters are so good that it will one day be produced as an 8-chapter comic miniseries. Check out the first chapter here.



Tinsuits (2017) is a recent collaboration between myself at D.A. Hogg. Issue 1 is currently available in either print or online at Comixology. All Artwork and layout was produced by Invisible Ink Studio. To see a brief, 10-page introduction, click the button below.


Last Ditch Attempt Detective


Here are the short LDAD comics done in my early days with writer Ricky Chavez. Quality is a little dated (2012/2013), but still a fun series and the gateway towards my career in comics.