In the near future...

 With the advent of a super-powered humanoid drone, called a Tinsuit, the great wars of the 21st century were brought to an end.  But after the dust settled, these living weapons were deemed too dangerous for Earth...and banished to the wastes of Mars.

Now, the year is 2121.

The Crimson Trials have captured the fascination of a new generation.  People chosen from all over the globe pilot their own customised Tinsuits to compete in a televised battle royale.  However, the identity of a Tinsuit pilot is top-secret, and they are never allowed to reveal their true identity on the show or in real life.  Staying in character may be harder than staying alive...

Tinsuits is the collaborative work produced by myself (artwork/lettering/layout) and writer D.A. HOGG.  Below is a brief, 10-page glimpse of the first issue of Tinsuits, a new ongoing series by D.A. Hogg and Daniel Becker.  To read the full issue, you can find it on Comixology or CLICK on the LINKS below to order a hard copy here (Australia ONLY. Sorry rest of the world).


ORDER a copy of TINSUITS #1 and #2 here! (Australia only).

Cover for “Tinsuits” #1

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TINSUITS #2, COVER “A” by Georgie Hazel.

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TINSUITS # 2. Cover “B” By Daniel A. Becker

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